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Up Up and Away has been providing quality event entertainment since 2009. We are most proud of our experienced team of artists, professionalism, punctuality, dependability and easy communication. We only use FDA approved cosmetic grade face paints and are fully insured. Why not give your guests the best. Easy booking and peace of mind.

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No beginners on our team means we can paint in 2-5 minutes what it would take a novice 10 minutes to create. More value for you, less wait time and frustration for those in line.


Our artists dress in festive professional attire. They are clean cut and take pride in their appearance, neat set up and kit .


We won't leave you hanging. If for any reason your arist has an emergency, we will find a comparable replacement. Our artists all have dependable transportaion and you can reach our staff anytime. 

peace of mind

We are quick to reply back and provide all of our services in writing. Once you book, we check in about 3-4 days before your event so you know we haven't forgotten. You may contact us anytime during and after  booking.

Our Team

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